£25.00 £20.00
Combines the benefits of these key ingredients with a strong shot of caffeine, suitable for anytime of the day and designed to help boost your energy and focus levels during times of increased mental and physical exertion.
Energise, focus and recover. 
£19.00 £15.00
Casein is a slow digesting protein. Increases protein synthesis and the development of lean muscle mass.
Also can assist weight lose as protein is known to be the most filling macro nutrient, by consuming casein you can get a good source of protein without excess fat and carbohydrates. 
£15.00 £12.00
Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring free fatty acid found mainly in foods such as cheese, milk, lamb and beef as well as many processed foods.
To consume enough you would require a large intake of these types of foods, these supplements help to assist. 
Popular dietary supplement assisting helping people lose fat, maintain weight loss and retain lean muscle mass. 
£12.00 £8.00
It's main role is to facilitate recycling of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell, primarily in muscle and brain tissue.
Creatine is a natural component of skeleton muscle which can be produced in the body from amino acids during digestion. 
Creatine increases muscle availability, as it increases the endurance of the cells in which energy is stored this increases the level of muscular energy promoting enhanced physical performance. 
£19.00 £15.00
Diet protein is a newly developed, premium shake for those looking to shed those unwanted pounds and achieve the lean, toned physique while maintaining or even increasing lean muscle mass.  
Top quality protein, delicious tasting shake is low in carbs and fat. 
Gymbeing Shaker Bottle
One 700ml sports drink/protein shaker bottle includes wire blending ball. Measurements displayed on the side of the bottle and has a screw top lid and click cap to prevent leaks.
One 700ml sports drink/protein shaker bottle includes wire blending ball. Measurements displayed on the side of the bottle and has a screw top lid and click cap to prevent leaks. 
Or spend over £30 online and get one shaker free of charge! 
£15.00 £19.00
The GymBeing Fat Burners are a great tool for anyone trying to get leaner! Either use these fat burners as a pre workout tool or as a great tool to lose fat weight!
Fat burners are a combination of the strongest and most effective weight loss and energy boosting ingredients available on the market today. When taken in combination with a well balanced diet and regular exercise the results can be remarkable! 
£15.00 £12.00
Glutamine helps to promote lean body mass and assists in increasing endurance and stamina. It aids in rapid recovery after training and enhances fat metabolism during training.
Benefits associated with glutamine are... 
> Increase in growth hormone levels, the prevention of muscle breakdown 
> An improved immune system 
> An increase in protein synthesis  
> Improved intestinal health. 
£15.00 £10.00
Zinc & Magnesium is a powerful strength and growth enhancer. These triple-action tablets play an important role in protein synthesis and increase insulin levels in the body which stimulate the growth of muscle tissue.
These tablets provide high quantities of Zinc and Magnesium and vitamin B6 which are key to healthy biological functions but can become depleted through perspiration or metabolism.  
Zinc & Magnesium has also been shown to improve sleep patterns. If taken shortly before bed.  
Better sleep equals faster recovery times and improved gains! 
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